Alien Hunter: Spadegaming Fishing Slot Game

If you’ve been fond of shooting games online, here is a new game for your fun and entertainment- Alien Hunter by SpadeGaming. This is considered one of the most played and in-demand shooting games online, which keeps players entertained and has the opportunity to win a considerable amount of money. It is not the online shooting game of the superb quality among slot players out there that is currently available. If you are not familiar with Alien Hunter or planning to try this game, reading this review will help you a lot.


About Alien Hunter Game Provides Spadegaming

About Alien Hunter Game Provides Spadegaming
About Alien Hunter Game Provides Spadegaming

If you are ready for some real action in the arcade game, this Alien Hunter by Spadegaming is for you. This is not your typical slot machine, but on an online video game wherein you can bet using real money and win real money as well. Choose the level you want and begin hunter aliens.

You deploy standard bullets and special weapons. You can buy the latter by doing some type of bonus purchase; however, it costs you a considerable amount of money. However, the perk of buying a bigger weapon is that it allows you to shoot larger aliens as fast as possible, which makes more money. So shoot as fast as you can to win amazing prizes. To explore more about fishing slot game information, you can read more info about them here.


Game Overview & Gameplay

Game Overview and gameplay
Game Overview and gameplay

Alien Hunter is a popular video game offered by SpadeGaming. It has a unique theme and is fun to play. The screen is packed with creepy aliens and gadgets set against a funky soundtrack. It has simple, clear cut as well as vibrantly colored graphics. Even if the game seems easy at first look, there are some amazing bonuses that you have to look forward to.

BK8 online casino Malaysia Alien Hunter has simple and easy-to-follow gameplay. Choose the number of active payline, bet the amount you want. You can also adjust the coin side and begin playing the game.


Different Game Mode

Different Alien Hunter Game ModeDifferent Alien Hunter Game Mode
Different Alien Hunter Game ModeDifferent Alien Hunter Game Mode

Prior to starting the game, you can pick from three diverse modes of play: junior, expert, and godlike. The only difference between these play modes is the size of bet you are able to use and the prizes you will get.  The minimum amount you can use for one shot is 0.01, while the maximum amount is 10.

On the screen, you choose a Buy feature, alter the size of the bet according to the play mode, choose the skill and then open the menu. Opening the menu will allow you to see the game’s paytable and control or regulate the sound.


Alien Hunter Game Features

Alien Hunter Game Features
Alien Hunter Game Features

This video game from Spadegaming, like other fish shooting games in BK8 out there, comes with many lists of basic symbols. The basic symbols stand for diverse aliens as well as offer specific layouts. To get the rewards, you need to shoot at these aliens and wait for your price. You’ll not always get a reward, and each attempt might cost you the selected amount of money.

The buy feature allows you to purchase weapons like Thermal Blaze, Landmine as well as Rogue Warrior. The weapons mentioned can help you win rewards. Don’t forget that you are able to shoot targets manually by choosing them, automate your shooting, or switch between single and double bullet shots. You can also burn particular areas. You can do this by using the buttons located on the right side.

Special tools to assists you hunt aliens:

  •         Target: Just shoot the targeted alien
  •         Auto: Pick from a list of creatures to auto-target each they come into the screen
  •         Double: Double the bullets to improve the damage
  •         Torch: Burn aliens for better effect


Tips & Strategies to Play

Tips and Strategies to Play Alien Hunter
Tips and Strategies to Play Alien Hunter

To become successful in playing, there are some tips that you need to follow. These tips already worked to some players, so why not try this as well to improve the chance of winning.

Make sure you use special weapons and standard bullets. Buy special weapons to increase the chance of winning, even if it will cost you a lot of money. The bigger weapons allow you to shoot bigger creatures as fast as possible, which can lead to a high reward or prize. So, if you want to obtain incredible wins, play the Alien Hunter arcade game now, and don’t forget to follow these tips and techniques.


Bonuses and Promotions

Alien Hunter Bonuses and Promotions
Alien Hunter Bonuses and Promotions

In case shooting symbols are not enough, you must know that this video game has some particular signs. These can lead you to some of the best and amazing bonuses offered by Alien Hunter.

There are special type symbols. Here you can acquire between ten to 300 times your bet. You can go on shooting at it as these offer new prizes at any time.

There is also a Turbo Blaster, which offers 30 to 100 free bullets with serious damage to assist you get more rewards. This is a free spin feature of the Alien Hunter.

There is also a Bladehound which offers more than 80 times the whole bet.

What is more, it unleashes a shuriken and at the same time allows you to utilize it to shoot more creatures in a single fire. There is also a Bio Crawler which assures rewards worth more than 100 times the bet. However, you need to shoot the egg to leave go of the crawler, which ultimately releases a gas that kills and eliminates creatures or aliens nearby.

These are five types of creatures such as the Alien Invader, Titan Engineer, Champion Hunter, Fallen Hunter, the Vanquisher, and Stealth Hunter. These symbols provide high prices as well as a set of the best features, which boosts the chance of winning.



If you are bored of the usual video game then, Alien Hunter will change the routine. This is not your typical slot machine, but instead a thrilling video game wherein you are able to bet with real cash and win real money.  One of the nicest things about this online game is that you may choose your own degree of difficulty and get started right away.


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