Playing slots is very fun, especially if you are playing a game that you easily connect with. The fact that slots mainly depend on luck makes it easy to play them since they don’t require any critical thinking or making hard decisions. Slots are the kind of games you can play to relax your mind after a stressful day or while chilling at your balcony on a weekend.

One of the reasons behind the well-built games at BK8 is the brands they partners with to provide these games. NextSpin is one of those partners that provide mainly slot machine games. For those who might hear this for the first time, let’s tell you a little bit about NextSpin.


About NextSpin Slot Provider

About NextSpin Slot Provider
About NextSpin Slot Provider

NextSpin is a top-rated game provider that has been in this industry since 2018. Despite being new in the industry, this Swedish-based casino software provider has achieved tremendous success, especially in the Asian market. The slot machine games they create are mainly characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness.

Their games are also mobile-friendly because they are optimized for both desktop computers and mobile phones. One of the slot games created by NextSpin that is very popular amongst casino players is Buffalo King.


What is Buffalo King?

Buffalo King games
Buffalo King games

Buffalo King is one of the most popular games by NextSpin that you will find on the BK8 website. It’s a game inspired by African animals. The game’s visuals and sounds all represent the experience of exploring wildlife on African land. The beautiful giraffes, zebras, antelope, and one big five, the mighty buffalo king, are abundant in plain wildlife.

Even if you haven’t been to Africa before, you will appreciate this game because the way it brought out this wildlife concept was well-thought. The slot game features medium volatility and a 96.7 per cent return to the player.


Game Overview & Quality

Buffalo King game overview
Buffalo King game overview

Buffalo King is a well-built game that has appealing visuals and high-definition sounds. Like most slot games by NextSpin, Buffalo King is a very smooth and fast game if you have a stable internet connection and a relatively powerful device. Unlike some slots, there is no need to download this game since you can play right from your browser.

Also, this game is responsive, so you can play it simply without any issues on your mobile device or PC. For the best gaming experience, we recommend using high-performance browsers like Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari. Unlike Safari on only Apple devices, the rest of the browsers on this list are available on all PC and mobile device operating systems.

Since it is a wildlife-based game, all the symbols and signs you will find in Buffalo King are mainly wild animals include; giraffes, zebras, antelope, and one big five, the mighty buffalo king. This game also has free credits to get acclimated to the game prior to you begin to play with real cash. You will also have six languages to choose from, so you can select one that you find more convenient.


Game Features

Buffalo King game features
Buffalo King game features

The key features of this game include;
· Random JACKPOT feature, the prize will be awarded randomly
· Random trigger JACKPOT win during gameplay
· Total three levels of JACKPOT prize, MINOR, MAJOR, and GRAND
· Support for up to 6 languages


Bonus Symbol

Buffalo King game bonus symbol
Buffalo King game bonus symbol

Like most slot machine games, Buffalo King also has a bonus symbol that will earn you a bonus when you hit it. This game’s bonus symbol is a gold coin with a star on it. The game’s interface is in the lower corner.


Slot Tips to Play

To get the most of these slot machine game, here are some tips that you can use;
· Focus on a few games: NextSpin and several other slot providers on BK8 have hundreds of games on their lists. However, trying to play more than three of these games all at once will only diminish your chances of winning. Therefore, you should stick with two or three games so that you master them thoroughly before adding more.
· Bet enough to be eligible for jackpots: Gambling is all about taking your chances, so why not try out the jackpot. Being part of the jackpot will require you to bet a slightly higher amount than usual.
· Always play within your budget: It is always best to have a limit before you go out there to play. Whenever you hit this limit, always have the courage to log out of your account and close the browser immediately.
· Play slots that have a high RTP rate: This rate represents a percentage of the total bets that a casino pays the winners. The more RTP %, the more likely you will win.
· Don’t play alongside drinks and drugs: it’s always better to spend with a sober head, like any other casino games. You will find yourself making decisions, which you may later regret, while you are inebriated.


Claim Your Slot Game Bonus and Promotions in BK8

Playing slot machine games like Buffalo King will win you the huge bonuses that BK8 offers. One of these is the welcome bonus that is up to 150% of your initial deposit. All new members that register with BK8 qualify for this bonus as soon they make their first deposit.

There are many other bonuses that you can win; some of these include; Birthday cash bonus, cash reload bonus, cash rebate bonus, referral bonus, etc. In addition, BK8 also has other giveaways besides bonuses. Some of these include; smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, etc. For more details about these promotions, check out BK8’s promos page or contact their support team.

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