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There are many hidden tricks professionals and amateurs adopt to play poker online that are not necessarily secrets. There are several poker secrets that you might not know the tricks which people adopt to play poker online. This article has been curated by top professional online poker players and it is a product of over 6 years of professional research by our team. The secret list below will shed more light on how to become successful and make a ton of profit while you play poker online.


7 Secrets of How to Play Poker Online

7 Secrets of How to Play Poker Online
7 Secrets of How to Play Poker Online


1. By Using Sound Bankroll Management

A lot of poker players have playing fits where they go on a roll and eventually end up heading for bankruptcy. If you can correctly or accurately manage your bankroll, this will intricately hone your skills into becoming a professional poker player. You should adopt the tactic of playing lower limits when you are playing at a loss and attempting to play higher limits only when you have a good run of playing poker. Whenever you can, do not be scared to switch limits upwards or downwards, and ensure that you only play in games that you have the funds to back.


2. By Using Viable Software

Many online opposing players have adopted the strategy of seeking software tools that assist their gameplay, and as an individual seeking to win you should not be shy or scared of using software tools that can greatly improve your chances of winning. Viable poker tools such as poker systems, online databases, poker coaching tolls, and odds calculators are very necessary software that can greatly improve your chances of winning when you play poker online. You may also explore other tips to win in any online poker games in our previous article post.


3. Don’t Get Emotional When You Play Poker Online

Don't Get Emotional When You Play Poker Online
Don’t Get Emotional When You Play Poker Online

When you play poker online you must ensure that you develop your mind to the extent that you can conduct accurate analysis on the spot to assess your current gameplay, and the only way to do this is if you play without emotional attachments. If you allow your emotions to take over your psyche you will most certainly never win any game of poker, and you will end up losing more money than you will earn (if mother luck is on your side).

During gameplay, if you are hit with a bad beat and you start plummeting, all you need to do is to vacate the game. There is no use staying in-game and further torturing yourself to the point that you will not be able to put a lid on your emotions. Take a break from the game while you still can, do not be stubborn, get a grip of yourself and control how you play.


4. By Making Value Bets

When you value bets there is a ton of profits to be made, especially when it comes to making river value bets. How value bets work is when you place bets with the intention that you will be called by a much weaker hand. To be able to accurately value bet you are required to possess the skill of good hand reading and also have some guts in you. You may ask why guts? Guts because there is every possibility that you shoved, check-raised, raised or bluff raised.


5. By Reviewing Your Hands

By Reviewing Your Hands
By Reviewing Your Hands

An essential secret of honing your skills to improve the way you play poker online is by utilizing hand replay software to review the way your hands played in previous matches or a recently concluded match. When you are going through the visuals that will be shown by the hand replay software, ensure that you analyze the game to spot potential errors and figure out other ways you should have played. It is like how soccer managers go over matchday replay footage with their players to show them their faults and figure out better ways they can play in the next game.

If you are faced with the dilemma of short timing to analyze previous gameplay footage, you should direct your attention to the games with your biggest losses and analyze them. If you are faced with the situation where you can provide answers to yourself over the errors you made while playing, you can post your gameplay footage to online poker forums, where other members will be able to give you viable inputs that you can use to improve the way you play poker online.

Learn more about types of poker hands and other online poker rules for the beginner player that help you in online poker gameplay.


6. By Making Use of Position

You should understand that position is way more important than your hole cards. When you play poker online, you should ensure that you utilize your position optimally. You need to learn how to be a better bluff when you are in position and how to fold when you are not in position. Also, ensure that you aggressively steal buttons and cut-offs, this is a vital tactic in utilizing the secret of position when you play poker online. Whenever you are in a position, do not pass up any opportunity that will aid you in exerting extreme amounts of pressure on opposing players.


7. By Raising or Folding, ensure that You Don’t Call

By Raising or Folding ensure that You Don't Call
By Raising or Folding ensure that You Don’t Call

If you take a succinct look at this tactic, you will discover that it can be extremely hard to adopt, however, top priority should be placed on inching closer as much as you can. When you play poker online the worst decision you could ever make is calling, and calls can also be known as passive play.

If you commit other errors when you play poker online, you should make sure that engaging in passive play should be taboo to your gameplay. If you have a strong hand, we advise that you should lead the game by betting or raising. If you cannot, the best thing you can do is to fold, but you should never call the game!

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Final Thoughts

Many other discrete methods are not so discreet that players can adopt to play poker online, methods like getting Rake back, avoiding predictability, making continuation bets, and focusing on making good decisions are some of the secret techniques players can adopt to play poker online professionally.


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